About irving warner

Irving Warner is the author of five other books from Pleasure Boat Studio, including In Memory of Hawks and Other Stories of Alaska and The War Journal of Lila Ann Smith. He has traveled extensively throughout his life. He lived in Hawaii for nine years and spent thirty-three years in Alaska. There he worked in fisheries, fisheries science, and wildlife biology and as a teacher at a community college in Kodiak. After that, he settled down in in Port Angeles, Washington, where he has spent the past six years writing THE LIFE & TRAVELS OF SAINT CUTHWIN, and where he has resided for the past fourteen years.

In Memory of Hawks, and Other Stories from Alaska (1998) 

Wagner, Descending: The Wrath of the Salmon Queen (2002)

The historical novel The War Journal of Lila Ann Smith (2007)

Crossing the Water: The Alaska-Hawaii Trilogies (2009)


La Golondrina: A second edition of North of the Border (2012, ebook), will be replaced by a quite different and improved version in 2020.

Another book in 2020 from another press to come